Hi, my name is Adam David and this is my blog where I publish some

information about the projects I am working on in the hope that it

will be useful for other people.

Router project

Currently I am in the middle of a couple of projects, building a workshop and building a CNC router to go in it.

The CNC router project I intend to document quite thoroughly as a series of build instructions and use instructions.

I have been thinking about building a CNC router for some time. Now that the workshop is about to start, work on the CNC router project is under way. The CNC router and its sub projects are in the router section.

Art project

My partner and I have put in a submission for the 2015 Castlemaine arts festival. More details soon.

Lucy's dome

Lucy is my partners 10 year old. Lucy's dome is the building of a 3m diameter geodesic dome on a raised platform in the garden as her cubby house.


piLarian is a case for the Raspberry Pi made by 3d printing.


I work in IT for a managed services provider. Sometimes I post information about the IT industry and the tools and processes we use.


We are building a workshop!
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